Introduction To SHS Program

Trans-Disciplinary Education Program Office, MOE, Taiwan

The program of Transdisciplinary Education is launched since 2012. The Program Office is established in 2011 and conducted by Professor Jwu-Ting Chen who is a professor in Department of Chemistry, and the director of the Center for the Advancement of Science Education (CASE) in National Taiwan University. As a program of Ministry of Education in Taiwan, this program is officially titled “MOE Program for Trans- Disciplinary Education on Society-Humanity-Science – Cultivation for the Competence of Cross-Boundary Problem-Based Learning in Colleges”, and is also abbreviated as SHS Program.

The SHS program aims at the development and innovations for trans-disciplinary educational curriculum and activities in the context of higher education. “Trans-disciplinarity” as key concept for this educational program refers mainly to “learning by doing” approach toward real world problems which requires cross professional expertise or specialties in the disciplines such as political, business, management, and scientific studies etc..The program office endeavors to set up a platform which can provide the teachers and students to create their learning environments as well as opportunities for their ideas in TDE. It’s expected that trained students will be able to adopt critical and inquiring thinking as well as the hands-on experience with trans-disciplinary perspectives, particularly with engagement in leaning to solve the important or critical issues which are either local or global.

This four-year SHS program will be implemented and vehicle with five sub-offices:

1. Promotion Office for Curricular Innovations in TDE

This office serves to grant and evaluate curricula, courses, or school programs in nation-wide colleges.

2. Promotion Office for College Forums in TDE
The forum offices will totally hold 30-40 discourse per year, which are expected to initiate issues or problems that may facilitate further study for the courses, and make the bridge between the academic community and the public.

3. Office for Internet Multimedia Service and Communication
This office serves for the production of program outcome through internet and communications.

4. Summer Academy
One-week summer academies, named “.COM ACADEMY”, will aim to set up an internationally known learning arena for TDE which will inspire and train students and teachers with designed scenario of “learning by doing” through competition or interactive training.

5. Regional Promotion Centers
The promote centers will be responsible for cross-school and cross-region activities including workshops, symposia, or competitions that may serve to excel the learning performance for communications in TDE.
Through the campaign of the SHS program, we determine to identify the Taiwanese paradigm in TDE, join the international community and seek for the collaboration for TDE since we believe that TDE fits the frontier trend of education in the 21st century.

Contact Us

Tel: 886-2-3366-8653
Add:Trans-Disciplinary Education Program Office, 581 Chemistry Building, NTU No.1, Section 4 Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan

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