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More than a million evacuate ahead of hurricane florence

Puerto Rican community fears H우리카지노urricane Maria could affect roads and electricity in storm’s path

By Kaitlyn Brasseur

(CBSMiami) – Hurricane Maria could make Puerto Rico residents desperate to leave the island before the path to Miami passes the storm, the mayor of the island said Tuesday.

The hurricane is the seventh to hit the commonwealth in four days, bringing the total number of deaths from storms to 18,000, according to Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello.

“We must be prepared," Rossello told reporters in th더킹카지노e city of Vieques, near the southern border with the Dominican Republic.

On Friday, Rossello ordered residents, including schoolchildren, out of the coastal city of Port of San Juan, citing damage in storm drains and bridges.

The island, which has never been hit by any hurricane in its history, had been hit by another major storm this week, making Tuesday’s storm the second highest rated in its history – after Hurricane Jose, which killed 26 people in 2013.

The storm is a Category 5 hurricane, which means it will probably reach the Atlantic before eventually making landfall in Florida, according to the Weather Channel.

For now, Rossello said, Puerto Rico has enough time to prepare while awaiting any impacts from Irma to other parts of the Caribbean.

However, Rossello warned that the destruction left by Irma is only the beginning.

“We’re just getting started," he said, adding that there is “a very serious storm system in the Caribbean."

For now, some residents of the commonwealth, where many people are already trapped on the island or out of shelters after being forced from homes earlier this year 우리카지노because of rising sea levels, have been allowed back into their homes, but they are not allowed to rest.

“There are going to be some very tough days," Rossello said. “But every day, it’s different."

Puerto Rico’s Emergency Management Agency warned of hurricane conditions as far away as Florida Tuesday night.

The agency said that more than 18,000 residents were still being kept in shelters with high water levels after Hurricane Irma hit the island in September.

Ricardo Rossello announced Tuesday, during a trip to Florida, that a massive storm surge was rising into the storm’s path.

Rossello told reporters Wednesday that residents in some areas were seeing an influx of people from Florida.

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